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  • What does HUTEN do?
    HUTEN is a reasonable and reliable partner from recruitment to employment as a company that supplies workers for customers. Visa application, job search, purchasing, on-site management services can be made most professional.
  • What position is HUTEN recruiting for?
    You can check it on the ILNEDA page.
  • How can apply for work in HUTEN?
    You can check it on the ILNEDA page.
  • How long is the waiting time for contact from HUTEN after applying the candidate?
    We respond to your requests and applications on an ongoing basis, but due to their large number, the time of our responses may be longer. We also reserve the right to contact selected candidates first. Usually it takes 45Days.
  • How to prepare for an interview at HUTEN?
    Due to the prevailing pandemic, interviews for the positions take place online or calling. During a telephone conversation, a recruiter from HUTEN will agree with the Candidate on a convenient date for the interview. Before the interview, the recruiter sends a link to the conversation on online where the interview takes place.
  • Until whitch day of the month is the salary paid?
    The salary is paid by the before 15th day of each month.
  • Can get an advance payment of my salary?
    If 15 days have passed since the start of work, it is possible after confirming the amount.
  • How can make holidays and absence?
    All employee must give 2-3 days notice with out emergency situation.
  • How can get promotion?
    In the case of team leader positions, the minimum working time is 3 months. In the case of other positions, employee appraisals are held once a year. Only employees who have worked for a minimum of 3 months under an employment contract are assessed.
  • What does a product factory do?
    We are responsible for the final stage of the packaging of product, which is a very important process. Checking the packaging of product and generate shipping labels going on a semi-automated process. The supply of necessary consumables is also carried out at this time.
  • What does a construction do?
    We carry out all necessary construction work during the pipeline installation process. They work on high stages and work in confined spaces. It is doing in a safe space.
  • What is provide from HUTEN?
    HUTEN will provide, free accommodation, free transport, free work wear, support Visa process.
  • How can come work site every days?
    Basically, a vehicle is provided. If employee have a private car or need to use the bus, HUTEN will cover the some cost.
  • When start work, where live in?
    Basically, accommodation is provided nearby workplace. If employee have a private home, HUTEN will cover the some cost.
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