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HUTEN Construction

   We are HUTEN and our vision is to be the leading utility service provider 

   delivering a cost-effective, quality service to our clients and achieving

   acceptable financial returns.


Leading Utility Service Provider

• Utility Services business operational

• Retain our client base

• Contracts secured on a best-value basis

Financial Returns

• Deliver acceptable profit margins and strong cash flows

• Solid financial base to support business growth

Service Provider of Choice

• Safe delivery of a quality service fully aligned with our client’s business needs

• Deliver what we promise through a sustainable approach

• Maintain a strong brand reputation




• The number one business driver

• License to operate

• Zero accident target

• Ownership and accountability

Delivery service


• Highly motivated teams achieving our clients

   regulatory and business targets

• Exceed client expectations

• Value our supply chain



• Deliver a first-class customer experience

• Manage the expectations of our client’s customers

• Respond to customer inquiries in a timely and

   professional manner



• Seek new ways through which we can innovate to

   benefit our clients

• Embed a culture of innovation across our business

• Encourage our people to suggest innovative ideas for

   our business



• Specific training to ensure compliance and individual

   performance improvement

• A people business

• Develop our people's skills and capabilities



• Continuous improvement

• Ethically and socially responsible - do the right thing

• Right first time

• Zero remedial works

• Committed to carbon reduction

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HUTEN is committed to the safety and well-being of all our employees

   and all who come into contact with our business. We stand firmly behind the

   statement that:


‘Nothing that we do is so important that

               we cannot find the time to do it safely.


    It’s an ethos that runs through the heart of our business.

   From field operatives to

                          senior managers, every employee knows that safety is

                                 our license to operate.


   Recognizing that good health and safety performance is critical to the success

   of our business, each HUTEN employee is responsible for getting

   health and safety right, without compromise.


    We aim to achieve zero accidents and zero harm to people.

   Safety is a key agenda item at every Operational Board meeting and forms a  

   major part of our annual Senior Managers’ Conference and individual contract

   reviews. Issues that are identified during monitoring form part of our

   Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Roadmap

                                                                               to achieving zero-harm.

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