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Construction Helpers


Job Type


About the Role

    Construction helpers typically work under the supervision of a skilled Foremen, learning skills on the job as they assist in various tasks. The work can be physically demanding and requires good physical stamina and strength. We are currentlly looking for helpers for different construction sites across whole poland.


  • We require candidates to have experience in working as a construction worker assistant  for a minimum of 2 years

  • digging and filling pits and ditches using hand tools;

  • loading and unloading of building materials, excavated materials and equipment and transporting them within the work sites with the use of wheelbarrows, cradle for manual transport of bricks and handcarts;

  • performing simple demolition works, including removing debris and cleaning old bricks obtained from the demolition of the building;

  • cleaning workplaces and removing various obstacles and blockages according to the instructions received

  • knowledge of the English language will be an advantage

About the Company

ILNEDA Agency is a modern and dynamically developing company providing HR services in the field of personnel consulting, temporary work and job placement.

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